Popular Travel Destinations near Andaz Hotel for Solo Travelers


Andaz Singapore is a hotel that has a good location because it is near to many travel destinations. Do you want to stay there on your holiday? Here are some recommendations for where to go during your trip.

Marina Bay Sands

That is a luxurious hotel in Singapore that offers you a swimming pool on a high floor. You can go to the restaurant and bar to eat delicious cultural foods too. There is a beautiful landscape of the lagoon from the hotel. So, you can feel warmer.

This hotel also offers a spa center. If you are tired during a business trip or leisure holiday, you can get a relaxing time there. You can go to Marina Bay Sands in about 8 minutes from Andaz Singapore. So it is close enough for a solo traveler to enjoy the trip to go there.

Gardens by the Bay

These gardens are very appealing and consist of glass rooms with many plants inside. Many trees grow well there, so you can see them as a part of the innovation of this country.

Indeed, Singapore is very clean plus the air is fresh. The government also put many efforts to make the land green, with some innovations and technology. Like Marina Bay Sands, you can also go to the Garden by the Bay in about 8 minutes.

Singapore Flyer

This place became one of the best places to go since 2008. The service is good with a beautiful spot for seeing Singapore’s landscape that contains hustle-bustle, beach, and neat city. You can enjoy the wonderful city while drinking some hot tea. Only 6 minutes to go if you want to go to Singapore Flyer from Andaz Singapore

Art and Science Museum

Some people like art so much. This place establishes many kinds of art products. The building is very unique, with a flower-like design that looks very modern and catchy. It is only 9 minutes away to go to Singapore Flyer from the hotel. So, you can enjoy it without feeling tired during the trip.

Merlion Park

You can not say that you have been to Singapore if you do not have a photograph with this monument as a background. Indeed, Merlion Monument is one of Singapore’s landmarks. That is why the name of this country is Singapore.

In the Malay language, the word Singa means Lion. Merlion is a lion that has a fish body. So, it is an identity of Singapore, a country that is on a peninsula and near the beach. You can only take 6 minutes to go there.

So, which one do you like the most? Make sure to go to some travel destinations above that is very friendly to all tourist. If you are a solo traveler, it is easy to reach too. So, you will not be tired or get bored. If you want to stay in a resort with a lower budget, take the benefits of some Hotel Promotion Singapore offers that will make you get the best deal.