February 5, 2023

Pearl Extract, What Is It?

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pearl extract

Pearl Extract, What Is It? – Pearl is said to be a powerful ingredient in brightening and moisturizing the skin, while it also has a calming effect. Which makes this ingredient very suitable for sensitive skin.


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Pearl Extract has often been written on skincare packaging, pearl extract or pearl powder on the ingredients section. Pearls are rich in substances that are beneficial to the skin such as amino acids, calcium, and minerals. In addition, pearl extract is rich in antioxidants, which can protect the skin from free radicals.


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In addition, pearl extract is also able to increase collagen regeneration. This pearl extract is popular not only in foreign skincare but also used by domestic skincare.

The content of pearl extract after going through research can brighten and improve the cell structure of the skin.Application of pearl extract to the serum. Serum with pearl extract can overcome acne prone skin, brighten skin and disguise black spots.


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