March 22, 2023

6 Good Mascara Recommendations for Teens, The Results are Lentik and Natural

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Mascara can make your eyes look more attractive without having to do lash extensions. Its use is relatively easy for beginners, including teenagers. However, teenagers need to consider the end result of mascara to keep the look natural. Whenever possible, look for a good mascara for teenagers with an end result that is not too flashy or dramatic so as not to look older than their actual age.

Choosing mascara for teenagers should also consider its formula and texture. Don’t let the mascara you choose have a formula that is too heavy and harmful to the eye area. Fortunately, Marsha Beauty has some recommendations that are suitable for teenagers. Come on in, take a look at the full review below!

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Mascara Recommendations for Teens

The following mascara recommendations have natural colors that are suitable for everyday use or when hanging out with friends. The price is also relatively affordable, you know!

Tony Moly Delight Circle Lens Mascara

Great mascara for teenagers

The first mascara recommendation is Tony Moly Delight Circle Lens Mascara. This product is suitable for teenagers who want natural results to look fresher. The texture is quite light, but your eyelashes still look longer and more volume after wearing this mascara. 

The mascara brush is slim in shape and can comb the lashes well, so the result is not clumpy. This mascara can give volume to the eyelashes so that the appearance of the eyes looks bigger like wearing a lens. In addition, this mascara is easy to clean with cleansing oil and eye makeup remover.

ELF Clear Brow & Lash Mascara

Great mascara for teenagers

The second mascara recommendation is ELF Clear Brow & Lash Mascara. This mascara does not contain parabens, triclosan, phthalates, and sulfates that can cause irritation to the eye area. This product is suitable for teenagers who want to look no makeup makeup look and fresh because this mascara is clear so that the end result is not too striking and looks like naturally curled eyelashes. So, this mascara is safe if you use it to go to school. The price is quite affordable, which is Rp42,000.

Focallure Bomb Lashes Mascara

Great mascara for teenagers

This mascara from Focallure has a creamy texture and is not too liquid, so it is easy to apply to the eyelashes. This mascara can make your eyelashes look more curly and long and volume. The applicator is quite large and fat so it must be done slowly when applying mascara. The end result does not clump, so it looks more neat and natural. This product has a 360 degree wand design, so it is able to reach the entire eye. In addition, this mascara is also waterproof and lasts up to 12 hours. The price is in accordance with the school children’s snack money, which is Rp55.000.

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Emina Star Lash Aqua Mascara

Great mascara for teenagers

This mascara from Emina has become one of the favorite products of teenagers because of its light formula. Although the price is relatively affordable, but the quality you do not need to doubt anymore. This mascara contains fiber that makes eyelashes longer. This product is also water-resistant so it does not fade easily if exposed to sweat or water splashes. The black color will look natural when applied to the eyelashes. You just spent Rp50,000 to get this mascara.

Wardah EyeXpert Aqualash Mascara

Great mascara for teenagers

A good mascara brand for teenagers is Wardah Aqualash Mascara. With water-based, this mascara feels light and has a natural result so it is suitable for teenagers. This product also contains vitamin E which helps nourish your eyelashes. Its durability is not too long but still waterproof, so this product is suitable for daily makeup. You can buy this mascara in cosmetic stores or online for Rp49,500.

Madame Gie Gorgeous Wink Celebs – Mascara & Eyeliner

Great mascara for teenagers

This one mascara is quite unique because it has a dual function, which can be used for eyeliner and mascara at the same time. The mascara has a texture and formula that is thick enough to make the lashes thicker. This mascara also dries quickly and is not clumpy. The applicator is also unique, slightly flat at the ends and jumbo in the middle. The end result can make the eyelashes more volume and long. The price is very affordable, only Rp30,000.

Well, if you are still learning makeup, you must try one of the mascara above. About which one do you want to buy first?

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